July 27, 2010

SealZiti Product Review

I have a pretty nice vegetable garden this year, with tomatoes and squash and peppers and all sorts of things. Being a homemaker and spending most of my time at home, my garden brings me a lot of happiness.

So when I found powdery mildew on my squash, I was pretty devastated. I read that neem oil helps with the problem, so I went looking for it. Amazon had it, but it was kind of pricey for something I didn't know anything about, and the shipping was horrendous.

Next I tried Etsy, because I like supporting the little people whenever I can. I was pleasantly surprised when multiple people where selling neem oil products. But there was only really one person who was selling 100% neem, and that person was SealZiti.

SealZiti had a 2 oz sized bottle of neem for sale, which was small enough so I could try it out, but also the price was very fair. Ounce per ounce, it ran just a little higher than the stuff at Amazon, but the shipping cost way less and I got the small amount I wanted.

Shortly after placing my order and paying for it with paypal, SealZiti sent me a really nice email that told me that my package was all packed up and ready for shipping, and that a free sample of soap and the instructions for the neem were included. I just couldn't get over how nice it was to get that email. It was like hearing from a friend! (That's something I'll have to start doing with my Etsy orders from now on.)

Just a few days later, the package arrived. It was really well packed in with packing peanuts, and with the peanuts came a note that said that they were recycled and there was actually a list of suggestions on ways you can recycle the peanuts, too! I thought that was pretty cool.

The neem came wrapped in two zipper bags, and the lid was taped shut to guard against any sort of leak or spill. The instructions were really easy to understand and pretty helpful (I sprayed my squash this morning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!).

My favorite part of the package, though, was my free sample. I got a lovely little golf ball sized ball of black cherry and cocoa butter soap. It smells so yummy and it's really pretty!

All in all, my experience with SealZiti was a very positive one; probably my best purchase I've ever made on Etsy. The only complaint I could possibly give about them is that they don't have more things for sale! Go give their shop a look. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised!


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