August 5, 2010

The question of free gifts

Does anyone else ever wonder if you should give free gifts in your Etsy shops when someone purchases a product? My most challenging question is WHAT should I give? My little shop is mostly a mishmash of a few kinds of things, so I can't really have just one free gift that I give out to everyone.

At least that's what I think.

For instance, I used to give one free face scrubbie when I sent orders out, but I wasn't sure if that was always a good idea. I mean, one little face scrubby. If all I had was one face scrubby, that thing would get lost so quickly that I'd probably use it once and then never see it again. On the other hand, everything else I make is usually too expensive to just give away (like wash cloths or jewelry).

But let's step back a bit here and look away from the items I sell in my store and more at the theme for my shop. Mother Nature's Child, a shop of earth inspired jewelry and eco-friendly house products. So why not send something that's either earth inspired or earth friendly? Like some of the cool little things I've upcycled, like these notebooks? Now that is a perfect idea.

No matter what people send as free gifts, I feel like it should be something that's related to your shop, and something that's generic enough that it's useful to everyone. I ordered a mess load of earrings from a shop some time ago, and as a free gift, the seller actually sent a couple pairs of free earrings. I totally loved the idea, but the earrings weren't actually something I would have picked out for myself, and that's when I decided that free gifts should be something small and generic.

Do any of you Etsy sellers send free gifts? I'd love to know what you send. Maybe we can share some ideas :)


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